Item Tab: 

Beer Boiled Peanuts … 4

Breaking Bob Kölsch, WB chili spice blend


Soup of the Day … 5

Seasonally inspired, changes daily


Wreck Fries … 6

Hand cut award winning fries with a trio of dipping sauces


Corn Pups … 7

Three corn dog pops: WB cheddarwurst, corn bread

battered & fried, curry ketchup & yellow mustard


White Cheddar Fondue … 10

Bernhard’s Bavarian pretzel, Vermont white cheddar, fontal, gruyere, local veggies, extra pretzel … 3, extra veggies … 1


Chicken Liver Pate … 8

White Oak chicken livers, GA Satsuma orange marmalade, bourbon barrel-aged beer mustard, TGM Pain au Levain


Steak Tartare 12

White Oak Pastures sirloin, pickled green garlic, capers, dijon, Wrecking Barn farm egg yolk, fingerling potato chips, steak fries


Charred Octopus … 12

Spanish Octopus, Woodland Garden’s bok choi, fermented black bean vinaigrette, scallion, cilantro, lime


Simple Salad … 7

Woodland Gardens lettuce, carrots & radish w/shallots,

black eyed pea corn nuts, simple vinaigrette


Kilt Greens Salad … 9

Gaia Gardens winter greens mix, WB bacon, fried soft boiled egg, sweet onion, warm bacon apple cider vinaigrette


Butternut Salad … 9

Roasted butternut, spiced nuts, parsley and celery leaves, frilly mustard greens, honey thyme vinaigrette, house ricotta


Meat & Three Steak Salad … 16

Brasstown Beef flat iron steak, three fresh seasonal salads

Grilled Cheese … 8

Double decker, Wisconsin cheddar, baby Swiss, TGM Bea’s white bread. Add WB bacon or bourbon maple ham … 1.5


Panelle di Palermo … 10

Crispy Sicilian chickpea cakes, shredded iceberg lettuce,

fennel & radish slaw, Calabrian chilies, parmesan, herb vinaigrette, TGM sesame pain de mi


The Vinny 12

Shaved Riverview roasted pork shoulder, oyster mushroom, anchovy, & olive à la Grecque, Frisee, Pecorino, semolina roll


Wrecking Bar Burger … 12

GA grass-fed beef, VT white cheddar, vine ripe tomato,
shredded iceberg, Wreck Sauce, Add bacon … 1.5


House Pastrami … 13

House cured & smoked Wagyu brisket, baby collard kimchi, Korean chili-garlic mayo & baby Swiss, TGM rye bread


Filet of Fish … 14

Corn meal crusted cod, shredded iceberg, smoked jalapeño tartar, radish, red onion, pickled jalapenos. Add cheddar … 1

Vegetable Plate … 14

Changes daily


GA Duck & Wild Sumac Sausage … 24

Seared White Oak duck breast, celery root puree, duck sausage, creamer peas, black trumpets, preserved blueberry duck jus


Shrimp Sausage & Middlins… 18

Calabrian chili & Ga. shrimp sausage, Carolina Gold rice grits & fermented shrimp, fennel, shrimp broth, fried shallots


NC Trout … 19

Pan seared, fingerling potatoes, roasted leeks, spinach, gribiche, buttermilk and paddlefish roe emulsion, lemon oil


Kale Sausage … 14

Riverview Farms pasture pork, Sapelo island clams, Sea Island white peas, smoked pork jowl, Gaia Gardens kale, giardiniera


Beef Cheek Fazzoletti … 19

White Oak braised cheek, fresh fazzoletti pasta, wilted arugula, WB crème fraiche, turnip top pesto, shaved parmigiano-reggiano


Pork Belly & Scallops … 22

Seared sea scallops, Riverview Farms pork, cabbage, cauliflower puree, burnt honey & pickled mustard seed, toasted caraway