Item Tab: 

Beer Boiled Peanuts … 4

Breaking Bob Kölsch, WB chili spice blend


Soup of the Day … 5

Seasonally inspired, changes daily


Wreck Fries … 6.5

Hand cut award winning fries with a trio of dipping sauces


Corn Pups … 7

Three corn dog pops: WB cheddarwurst, corn bread

battered & fried, curry ketchup & yellow mustard


Elote Corn Fritters … 9

Georgia sweet corn, cojita cheese, ancho chili lime mayo,

pickled corn and jalapeno, cilantro


White Cheddar Fondue … 11

Bernhard’s Bavarian pretzel, Vermont white cheddar, fontal, gruyere, local veggies.
Extra pretzel … 3, extra veggies … 1


Chicken Liver Pâté … 8

White Oak chicken livers, preserved blueberry jam,

bourbon barrel-aged beer mustard, TGM Pain au Levain


Beef Heart Tartare 9

White Oak Pastures beef heart, pickle North Ga. chanterelles,

wild sumac, lemon, Wrecking Barn farm egg yolk, Pain au levain


Charred Octopus … 12

Spanish octopus, bok choy, scallion,

fermented black bean sauce, cilantro, lime

Simple … 7

Local mixed greens, carrots & radish, shallots, black eyed pea corn nuts,
Thomasville Tomme, simple vin.


Summer … 10

Local mixed greens, frisée, cherry tomatoes, Silver Queen corn, butterbeans,
soft boiled egg,
radish, buttermilk vin.


Meat & Three Steak … 16

Brasstown flat iron, three fresh seasonal salads


Heirloom Tomato … 12

Aluma Farms heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes,

Romesco sauce, shaved baby fennel & shallot,

WBarn pickled banana peppers, crispy torn bread, garden herbs

Heirloom Tomato & Pimento Cheese … 10

Aluma Farms heirloom tomatoes, pimento cheese,

Furrowed Earth arugula, Duke’s mayo, TGM sourdough

Add WB bacon … 2


Panelle di Palermo … 10

Crispy Sicilian chickpea cakes, shredded iceberg, fennel & radish slaw, Calabrian chiles,
parmesan, herb vinaigrette,
TGM sesame pain de mi.



Wrecking Bar Burger … 12

GA grass-fed beef, VT white cheddar, vine ripe tomato, onion,
shredded iceberg, Wreck Sauce. Add bacon 2


House Pastrami … 13

House cured & smoked Wagyu brisket, baby collard kimchi,
Korean chili-garlic mayo & baby Swiss, TGM rye bread


Filet of Fish … 14

Corn meal crusted cod, shredded iceberg, smoked jalapeño tartar,
red onion, pickled jalapenos. Add cheddar … 1

Vegetable Plate … 14

Local harvest; changes daily


Handkerchief Pasta … 17

Fresh fazzoletti pasta, chanterelles, butter beans & shaved spring onion,
WB ricotta,
beurre blanc, rosemary, cured egg


Shrimp Sausage … 17

SC. shrimp sausage, fava beans, pickled spring onion,

frisée, radish kimchi, fish broth, bonito flake


NC Trout … 19

Pan seared, fingerling potatoes, spring onion, swiss chard,
gribiche, buttermilk
emulsion, lemon oil


Whole Hog Sausage … 15

Riverview Farms pasture pork, Sea Island white peas,

cured pork jowl, swiss chard, giardiniera


Torn Scallops … 22

Bok choy, charred broccoli, Sea Island white peas, carrot sauce,
fried leeks, Szechuan
powder, sesame seeds


Pork Loin … 18

Griddled Riverview farms Chop, corn soufflé, grilled pole beans, okra,
cherry tomatoes, cilantro and shallot, Morita chili sauce